I’m Elizabeth Yalkut. I’m a twentysomething (left ambiguous only because I’ll never remember to change it) writer in New York City. I spend just as much time on the subway as you’d expect, drink more tea than you’d think, and eat less sushi than I’d like to.

My Twitter account is @elizabethyalkut.

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ElizabethYalkut.com is my personal domain. It is hosted on NearlyFreeSpeech servers. A Very Uncommon Cook, founded May 2008, is my cooking blog, where I get to talk about food as much as I want, including food policy, my local farmer’s market, recipes, literature of food, and the occasional LOLcat. It is powered by WordPress, and all the content on it is Creative-Commons licensed; when I have not created content myself, it has been credited appropriately.

Creative Commons License
This work by Elizabeth Yalkut is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

I use very few plugins, but if you’re interested, the ones currently active are Delicious for WordPress, Live Comment Preview, and Subscribe to comments. And a few on the backend, which no one but me cares about.

The theme being used as of February 2010 is a tweaked version of Oulipo.

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Comments on A Very Uncommon Cook posts close after two weeks. This is partially to control spam and partially to avoid the issues discussed by Shauna James Ahern, Sady Doyle, Seanan McGuire, and John Scalzi. Should I feel the need, I will cease to allow comments on a post earlier than that, or on the blog as a whole. Individual comments are subject to moderation (i.e., editing and/or deletion) at my discretion, and my moderation decisions are final.

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